Acceptable Use Agreement

Last updated: September 2019


The Trust - Anthem Schools Trust or any of its members.

Designated ICT person – School IT Support Team

Digital technologies – may include, but are not limited to, email, internet, intranet, network resources, learning platform, software, communication tools, equipment and systems.


This agreement covers the use of all digital technologies owned or operated by schools within the Trust.


When using digital technologies, I will comply with the e-Safety Policy and Data Protection Policy.

I will only use digital technologies for work purposes or for uses deemed 'reasonable' by the Trust.

I will not share any password(s) with anyone.

I will follow 'good practice' advice in the creation and use of any password. If I suspect that any password is compromised, I will inform the designated ICT person.

I will not allow unauthorised individuals to access any of the digital technologies.

I will not share via email or other forms of communication, confidential or sensitive material with unauthorised persons. In the event that confidential information, or personal data, is accidentally shared it must be reported immediately to the designated ICT person and the school’s data protection lead.

I will not engage in any digital activity that may compromise the reputation of the Trust. If I become aware of such activity I will report it to the designated person.

I will not obtain, install or use any unauthorised hardware, software or materials.

I will treat all hardware with the upmost respect, and any damage or loss must be reported immediately.

I will not store confidential or sensitive materials on portable media (such as USB drives), printed copy, or my personal devices.

I understand that there is no expectation of privacy while using any digital technologies.

I agree that any intellectual property I create using the Trust's digital technologies remains in all respects the property of the Trust.

I give my consent that all my activity, using any digital technologies owned or operated by the Trust, may be logged and recorded to investigate suspected breaches of policy. Monitoring may include: live screen capture, internet traffic logs, CCTV, communications (telephone, email, instant messaging) electronic storage.

I understand that failure to comply with this agreement could lead to disciplinary action which may result in referral to external agencies.





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